My Plight With Bananas


Everyone who knows me knows that I have always, ALWAYS hated bananas. That being said, I do like banana bread, which is pretty surprising.

People have been asking me to bake bread so I decided that I would start with banana bread since it’s pretty simple (besides having to touch and peel bananas – yikes!) with few ingredients.

Even though I kind of thought that this endeavor wouldn’t pan out because of my complicated relationship with bananas, the bread turned out deliciously! It was moist, flavorful, and beautiful to look at!


Get the full recipe here >>


Golden Apple Pie

Easter Apple Pie

For Easter this year, my mom asked me to bake a pie for our dinner. After some back and forth about what fruit she’d like, she decided on Apple Pie!

I’ve made apple pie before, so I decided to change the recipe a bit this time to give the apples a little more punch.

To begin with, I was very proud of my pie crust this time around. Usually, impatience gets the better of me and I leave my pie dough in the fridge for the minimum amount of time it should rest because I just can’t wait to get baking. This time, however, I let it sit in the fridge for a good three hours and I really think that made all the difference.


The dough rolled out so nicely and didn’t crack a bit! I was able to spread it wide and transfer it gracefully into the pie pan with enough left over to crimp the edges.


I decided to use Granny Smith apples this time and I used three more than my original recipe called for (nine apples total). The more filling, the better! I then sliced them into different sized pieces and chunks for texture.


The glaze I made was comprised of sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg (a new addition!), cinnamon, and flour.


In to the oven it went and out came a beautifully golden & fragrant apple pie. Yum!



Meringue Bird’s Nest

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Me (right) with my best friend, Lily, circa Easter 1996.

Unlike most dessert bloggers who post amazing photos of their perfect pastries, I’m going to go down a different route for this post. We all know that I am relatively new to baking from scratch and so, I’m bound to have some baking flops.

Since I put a lot of time and effort into each dessert I make, I don’t see why I shouldn’t post the worst, ugliest, or most disappointing  baking attempts. Like I always say, it will at least taste good (or so I hope)!

So, this Easter my mom asked me to make a pie for dinner (post will be up later) but I also decided to try something a little more adventurous. My boyfriend had to work on Easter & couldn’t join us for dinner so I tried to think of something Easter inspired with dessert components he enjoys. The answer was…. Meringues… with Jelly Candies!!IMG_1996

The recipe I found on Tastemade didn’t seem too hard but I think I underestimated the amount of time it would actually take. I made the meringue mixture, much of which my mom and I ate 😉 and then began to pipe it into “nests” on parchment paper.


I popped them into the oven at 175° F for an hour and a half. That didn’t seem too bad. The thing I had failed to read correctly was that you had to leave the meringues IN the oven as it cooled for 23 hours after baking. Who has time for that? It was already 10:00 pm by the time the timer ended so I figured, they’ll be fine cooling out of the oven.

Well, they were.. but they were not entirely meringue’d yet. They tasted right, and looked right but they were still a bit sticky to the touch. Nevertheless, I returned to fill these nests the next day with the vanilla whipped cream mixture I made. I placed a few candy eggs in them and voila!

DSC_0033 DSC_0035

Sadly, because they were still sticky, they didn’t travel well and became one large lump of a nest by the time I got home to my boyfriend. I’ll have to bake him some bread (what he’s been asking for) as an apology!

At least they were cute to look at!