Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Discounted Candy Day! 

For Valentine’s Day this year, Ward and I decided to stay home and make homemade ahi tuna & octopus bowls. Our rice cooker broke (scratch that – the rice cooker we got for free and tried using for the first time, broke last night). Even though the rice was more like porridge because of this, the bowls and our Valentine’s Day was pretty perfect 🙂

The night before, I decided to bake for the holiday and I decided on cookies. As we all know, cookies are rough for me and these were no different but they were so, so good.

I started by mixing together the dry ingredients and in a separate bowl, I mixed the sugar and butter.

Once the butter and sugar were combined, I added the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl and beat them all together until just combined.

I rolled the dough into balls of about 2 tablespoons and rolled them in sugar before placing them on the silpat.

Once they were all on the silpat, I used a glass to flatten them out.

I put the cookies in the oven and made the frosting while I waited. The frosting was easy and just included mixing together butter, heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and pink food coloring.

When the cookies were ready I let them cool for 10 minutes before frosting. As usual, my cookies were super flat. Ugh!

I frosted them anyway, and then let them sit. For some of them, I put sprinkles on top but I left the majority unsprinkled.

They didn’t look too pretty but they were super, super yummy and I will definitely try to make these again! Maybe next time they won’t be so flat!



Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

It has been a really long time and I’ll tell you why…

After the holidays, the inauguration happened and all of my energy has been put towards the resistance. Though before January 20th, baking made me relax and forget my troubles, since then it has felt like more of a weight while I juggled making protest signs, gathering the troops and writing to and calling Congress. I’m exhausted.

Last weekend as I talked to some friends about the state of our world, my baking came up and they suggested I try again because maybe it would take my mind of things like it had before. So, last night I searched my pantry for ingredients and made something simple. Though it didn’t take my mind off what I really wanted to be doing (scouring Facebook for news and writing to Senator Harris & Feinstein), the final result did make me happy – so that’s a start!

I started by melting chocolate & coconut oil.

I poured half of the melted chocolate into the muffin tins – just enough to cover the bottom entirely.

I let this freeze for 15 minutes and melted the peanut butter mixture of peanut butter, coconut oil & honey.

I poured the peanut butter mixture over the hardened chocolate then let those two layers freeze for another 5 minutes. 

This is when I realized that my first layer of chocolate was NOT tasty. I had pulled whatever chocolate I could find from my pantry and it was semi-sweet… or unsweetened all together – yuck! So, before pouring my third layer, I added granulated sugar to my melted chocolate. I then poured the sweetened chocolate over the peanut butter and placed the cups in the freezer for an hour.

When the hour was up, the cups were very well hardened. So much so that I had to use my molars to actually bite into them. The cups that had thinner bottom layers (aka thinner unsweetened chocolate layers) were the best because there was less of a bitter taste. That being said, I thought that they looked pretty amazing and were overall tasty!