I’m a San Francisco native, surfer, dog mamma, photographer, and now foodie turned baker.

Simona Surf

I’ve always enjoyed eating baked goods. My mom has a great recipe for a crispy peach tart that makes my mouth water, but when I think of my mom as an excellent chef, I think of all things savory. I have watched other people bake amazing pies and cakes and always wished I could create such magic.

When I was in college, one of my favorite movies to watch on repeat was Waitress. I even made a list of all the pies she makes in the movie and have it hanging in my kitchen as inspiration.

Simona and Jade

When I graduated from the University of San Francisco in winter of 2015, my good friend, Josephine, and her family gave me two pie pans, a pastry blender, and a rolling pin as a gift. Josephine’s mom is a master baker and I have always enjoyed going to their house for dinner and a fantastic dessert.

After graduating, I found myself with so much free time that I didn’t know what to do with myself. Baking has really filled some of that empty void I felt so that now my days are filled with work, hiking, spin class, trying new restaurants, hanging out with friends, travel, photography, and baking everything that comes to mind.

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