Whole What Cranberry Scones

I finally got to use my mini scone pan!

 My gym trainer, Claire, has always talked about how much she likes the scones at Pete’s so I decided I would make her some homemade ones! What better way to thank the person who’s trying to whip you into shape than by giving them sweets?

She has some dietary restrictions so I chose a whole wheat, no sugar recipe (I used a sugar substitute).

I did some research on scones and discovered that they’re a bit like pie crusts in that you don’t want to handle the dough too much and you want your butter to remain cold.

I started by mixing the dry ingredients together (flour, whole wheat flour, sugar substitute, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, an salt. I added the butter to that mixture and cut it up with a pastry blender.


In a separate bowl, I slightly beat the eggs and added the buttermilk and dried cranberries making a thick liquid which I then poured into the center of the dry mixture.



I folded these two mixtures together to create a dough and then kneaded it a few times on a floured surface.


At this point, if I didn’t have a scone pan, I would roll the dough into a semi thick round and cut the scones from that. However, since I do have a scone pan, I buttered it and simply placed dough into each slot. I realized that I didn’t make enough dough (which is odd since I usually make way too much – see my few dozen cupcakes, for example). This only meant that I was one scone slot short and a few others would have to be a bit smaller. Oh well!


Once the dough was placed, I brushed buttermilk on top. I read that this promotes browning. I then sprinkled each scone with rolled oats. They then went into the oven at 400 F for 14 minutes.



I wish I could have a button that you could press on here that would send you the smell of my kitchen when I’m baking. As I removed the scones from the oven, I couldn’t help but smile at the delicious smell.


They turned out great! Next time, I’d like to make more dough and ensure that each scone has enough so that it rises and rounds out at the top. I absolutely loved using the mini scone pan. It made the perfect scone shape and they are the perfect size!