Chocolate Ganache Tart

Well, Christmas has already come & gone and we are quickly approaching 2017!

I am pretty sure that I say this every year, but I can’t believe the holidays are already over. I did a lot of baking over the holidays. I made dessert for Christmas Eve dinner at my mom & Gino’s and for Christmas Day with Lisa, Sam, Keaton, Simon and the gang.

For Christmas Eve, my mom requested I make this Chocolate Tart with Pomegranates & Hazelnuts and one other dessert which I will write about later. I also made this Chocolate Tart on Christmas Day.

The Chocolate Tart required that I make a pie dough.

I thought it would mean making the dough, refrigerating it for at least an hour and rolling the dough out but it didn’t. Once the dough was combined in the food processor, I just had to pour it into the pie pan and press it into the sides to create what would be the crust.

I put this in the fridge for 25 minutes. In the meantime, I started to make the chocolate ganache filling by simmering heavy cream, sugar and salt.

Once heated, I poured the cream mixture over the chocolate and butter.

I put the melted chocolate aside and prepared the pie crust for baking by piercing it with a fork. I then baked it for 25 minutes until golden. Once it had cooled, I poured the ganache filling into the pie crust.

I placed the tart into the fridge for about 25 minutes for the chocolate to set a little bit. Once it had, I sprinkled the toasted hazelnuts and pomegranate seeds on top.

It was then placed into the fridge again, this time for 2 hours, for it to set completely.

This tart was delicious. It was so rich in flavor that you really just needed a sliver. The crunch of the hazelnuts added texture while the pomegranate seeds added some refreshment to the deep chocolate flavor.



Sweet As A Rose

Since it is officially Spring, I decided to bake something appropriate for the season.

Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Rose Tarts!

That’s a mouthful in itself.

The roses - before being put in the oven

The roses – before being put in the oven

I got the original recipe from Tastemade but played the proportions a bit. You can find my recipe with adjustments below. These pastries are beautiful so I was a little intimidated about making them but they turned out great!


Cut your apples in half then slice them into thin strips.


After you’ve “cooked” the apples in water & lemon juice, lay them out and pat dry.


Spread a nice layer of cream cheese onto your divided puff pastry. Sprinkle a good amount of sugar on top.


Layer your apples on one side of the puff pastry.

Sprinkle a hefty amount of cinnamon over the apples.

Sprinkle a hefty amount of cinnamon over the apples.

DSC_0072 (1)

Fold the puff pastry over onto the apples so that they still pea over the top.


Ready to pop into the oven!


Et voila! Beautiful & delicious roses!

Happy Friday, everyone!