Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

I decided to try my hand at cookies again.

I had raspberries that I needed to use so I decided to make Chocolate Raspberry Cookies. I somewhat followed the Two Peas & Their Pod recipe but changed a few things.


After posting about my sugar cookies, I did some research into why they were so flat. I found out that it might be because my butter was too warm! A little bird also told me that I might need to switch to Crisco or use half Crisco & half butter (will try this method on cookie attempt #3).

For this round of experimentation, I tried to keep my butter cool so after the dough was made, I placed it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

I think it kind of worked but in the process, something different went awry…. Besides the fact that these cookies did not photograph well, they were so gooey! They did have more puff to them with the chilled butter but they were so soft. I’m not saying that soft, gooey cookies are bad, but even after cooling they stuck to each other. I made a lot of these and kept trying different amounts of time in the oven, etc. but they just were what they were. They tasted good so that’s a plus, but I’m clearly not there yet with my cookies.



The funny thing is, that every year for Christmas my mom and I make sugar cookies and they end up perfectly! These cookies are crispy though so my problem is obviously only with chewy cookies.

Back to the drawing board!




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