Banana Crumb Muffins

Ohhhh my gosh, y’all. 

I have been locked out of my website…. once again! Obviously, I am not a tech master but things keep going haywire without me lifting a finger. Anyway, I finally got it fixed and I am back! I’m going to keep it simple tonight with these Banana Crumb Muffins but there are a lot more goodies to come!

They were made exactly as regular banana muffins would be except for the crumble and glaze/sauce.

I poured the batter into a greased muffin tin and made the crumble by combining flour, brown sugar and peanut butter.

Once combined, I sprinkled the batter in the tins with it and then placed the muffins in the oven.

While the muffins baked, I made the glaze which consisted of melted white chocolate and milk – easy!

The muffins came out golden brown and smelling of banana and peanut butter.

I let them cool for as long as I could and then drizzled the white chocolate glaze on top.

Since I am not the biggest fan of bananas, I thought that the crumble and glaze added a nice distraction, if you will, from the banana flavors. I would definitely make these again!



Dulce De Leche Banana Bread

It is officially Indian Summer in San Francisco!

Which means that having the oven on all day for baking is painful. That didn’t stop me yesterday though and I’m so glad because this dulce de leche banana bread is goooood!

Luckily, it was easy to make. For the dry ingredients, I just had to combine flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt.

The next step was the hardest for me because I had to mush up the bananas. Eeeeek!


I then added a stick of butter and sugar to the bananas and mixed. Once combined, I added two eggs and a cup of yogurt.




I poured the batter into the bread pans and then added the dulce de leche. The recipe said to add 3 tablespoons to the top and swirl it in. I ended up putting 4 tablespoons and I’m glad I did.


I let them bake for an hour and when they came out, they smelled so good.



I could see the dulce de leche seeping through on the sides, though faintly and when I cut into it, it wasn’t until the second slice that I got dulce de leche in the middle.


The bread was moist and sweet and didn’t taste overly like banana (you know how much I don’t like bananas, haha). If I were to make this again, which I definitely will do, I would add the dulce de leche in layers alternating with the batter so that it would be more evenly distributed.