Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day and in support of the March for Science, I bring you these awesome earth cookies!

So they’re not made from scratch, but I had limited time and this was so easy!

I mixed the cookie mixture, butter and egg together to form the cookie dough.

I separated the dough in two and dyed one green and the other blue.

I then rolled a little bit of each color into a ball and placed them on the baking sheets. At this point, they already looked like little earths and I was tempted to leave them as is and eat them raw… yum!!

I put them in the oven to bake for about 9 minutes and when they came out they were so perfect!

I let them cool then scooped them up to take a taste and, of course thanks to the sugar cookie mix, they were delicious. Not to mention, such an awesome way to celebrate our Mother Nature!